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packing tableQuestion: It is hard to make everyone in my supply chain pack according to my packaging policy. This causes errors, re-packs, damages, unnecessary costs and a sloppy image. How can I secure this?

Answer: To make sure everyone, always and everywhere packs a product in the same way you have to make sure that at every packing table people have access to the latest version of the packaging instruction. It has to be easy to find and in a form that can be understood by everyone.

The solution: PackAssist

PackAssist is an application that ensures it is always and everywhere known how your products need to be packed, completely according to the packaging policy that you want to implement.

Up to date packaging instructions

PackAssist centrally stores all packaging instructions. This prevents circulation of multiple versions and everyone works everytime with the latest, most up to date version.

  • Simple and language independent

    Simply scan the product label or type in the product code and the packaging instruction is started. In this way you can be sure people use the correct instruction. The visual instructions make PackAssist easy to understand. Moreover, visual instructions are language independent and can therefore be applied worldwide.



    • Uniformity and professionality
    • Less errors and damages
    • Transport cost reduction
    • Complete supply chain under control

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