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Dozen stapelen pallet supermarktQuestion: I depend on the personal insights of my staff regarding the loading for transport. Therefore there is quite some inefficiency in the process from orderpicking to shipping. How can I professionalize this?

Answer: Personal insight, even when very experienced, causes inconsistency and inefficiency. It is therefore wise to choose for the calculation of the optimal way of loading and provide your staff with loading instructions for every order on that basis.

This brings:

  • Minimal transport costs: no more volume, boxes, pallets than necessary
  • First time right loading: no time loss caused by restacking
  • Flexibility: everyone can load with the simple instructions
  • Predictability: you prevent last minute actions, stress and extra costs involved
  • Satisfied customers: no unpleasant surprises and service suiting his needs

More and more companies see it can be, and has to be done more professionally and are looking for (automated) solutions. Not only to achieve packaging volume reduction, but also to improve predictability and professionality of loading.

Loading with StackAssist

FPC has a solution for this with StackAssist: from the efficient filling of a box, to stacking boxes on a pallet and loading containers and trucks. The web-based software not only determines the smallest total volume, but also gives matching loading instructions.


StackAssist is a unique software package: it is an advanced loading application that calculates with product specific demands and features like roll, form of the products, weight distribution, temperature. etc. Next to that it also takes into account customer specific demands and wishes like maximum pallet size, maximum stacking height, and this for every destination.

Not only boxes!

You can also look beyond stacking in a box or on a pallet. Every company can take advantage of the use of loading plans and palletizing software, also in situations where stacking is not that obvious. Think of atypical shapes like cilinders or unstackable products like crates on CC rolling carts. Curious? Read moreefficient-laden

Try the demo on the product website: