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  • efficient loading

    Load more efficiently

    Question: I depend on the personal insights of my staff regarding the loading for transport. Therefore there is quite some inefficiency in the process from orderpicking to shipping. How can I professionalize this?

    Answer: Personal insight, even when very experienced, causes inconsistency and inefficiency. It is therefore wise to choose for the calculation of the optimal way of loading and provide your staff with loading instructions for every order on that basis.

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  • location tracking

    Tracking of location and condition

    Question: We want to know where and in which condition the products we are shipping are at this moment. My carrier does not give me enough grip on this. How do I stay in control?

    Answer: The solution is taking matters into your own hands and making sure you receive this information in real time. This can be done by linking the right technology to your packaging. You make your packaging intelligent, also known as Smart Packaging.

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  • packing table

    Secure packaging policy

    Question: It is hard to make everyone in my supply chain pack according to my packaging policy. This causes errors, re-packs, damages, unnecessary costs and a sloppy image. How can I secure this?

    Answer: To make sure everyone, always and everywhere packs a product in the same way you have to make sure that at every packing table people have access to the latest version of the packaging instruction. It has to be easy to find and in a form that can be understood by everyone.

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  • reduce DOAs

    Reduce DOAs (Defect on arrival)

    Question: Our organisation has problems with DOAs (Defect on arrival). We want to reduce these, but how?

    Answer: Research shows that on average 30% of all DOAs have their origin in the logistics, whereby the packaging is designated as the culprit. However, it appears that the packaging is fine, but that the overall packaging process is often not streamlined in the supply chain.

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  • Standardize packaging types

    Packaging standardization

    Question: A proliferation of different types of packaging has arisen within our supply chain. How can I achieve packaging standardization within my supply chain?

    Answer: It is often not clear by whom and at what time new packaging types are added to the chain. It could also be done by a supplier or a partner. Additionally, it often lacks a clear structure about who is authorized for what in the packaging field.

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