Also this year we asked CEO Johan Faes to have a look in his crystal ball. He came to the conclusion that volume reduction will stay a very important topic in 2017. “The solutions to achieve volume reduction are being developed further and further. A good example is that the reduction can already be achieved during the picking of orders by providing pickers and packers with the right instructions. Pick to box is what it is called, but be sure to immediately use the right box.”

Recurring errors cost a lot of time and money

“Normally packers can easily determine the box they need when they only have 2 or 3 items to pack. But with more items or more complex shapes this is increasingly difficult.”

“There is a great risk that a box is chosen that is way too big and has to be buffered with filling materials. Also do not underestimate the overall impact on transport costs of this extra volume. Or the packer discovers that the box he chose is too small. Then he has to repack, something that costs a lot of extra time.”

Smart tools

“Nowadays luckily there are a lot of smart applications that enable you to calculate the right box size and to help the packer to fill it in the best possible way. Some of these applications even take picking routes or stock locations into account.”

“When you look at the outbound side there is also an opportunity through consolidating in a smart way. This can be done per order, but also per delivery address. Consolidating in a smart way can easily save you thousands of Euros.”

Reduce your volume! Start working in a structured way!

  • Johan Faes
  • Ing. Johan Faes
    CEO Faes Group

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