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packaging consultancy

  • Together with you we bring control over packing, loading and shipping in your supply chain.

    In this way it does not remain a value drain and you can focus on your core business.

    • Surprising insights from a packaging perspective
    • Quick results
    • Structural improvements
    • We guide you through from A to Z

Scope: surprising insights from a packaging perspective

  • When you look at your supply chain with a packaging view, what catches your eye?

    • Do you recognize the number of re-pack moments?
    • Do you see the amount of excess air that is being shipped?
    • What is the cause of transport damages?
    • Wat goes wrong due to unclear labeling?

    Just a few examples which confirm that packaging plays an important role in supply chain performance. Scope is our method to quickly map all packaging aspects in your supply chain in a structured way.

    The FPC consultants know this playing field like no other. They are able to translate these complex problems into solutions that are simple and that can be directly implemented on the working floor.

  • supply chain map

  • Think big, start small and scale up fast

    Many problems in the packing area occur between the different links in the supply chain. These all have to be in the picture and that is why we think big.

    When the situation is mapped we focus on quick results. That is why we start small and scale up quickly afterwards:

  • Steps
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  • 1. Quick scan

    Scope - Quick scan
    Through a quick scan our specialists visualize the current situation within your company and quickly identify where the problems are and where improvements are possible.

    2. Recommendations and priorities

    The identified points for improvement and recommendations are presented to you. Together we will determine the priorities and we will have a look which people will take action on the various points.

    3. Addressing ‘Quick wins’ and ‘Spot repair’

    We will not wait until tomorrow with the application of possible improvements, but we will start pragmatically by addressing ‘Quick wins’ and ‘spot repair’. This is to ensure continuity and to immediately put a stop to failure costs.
  • 4. Standardization and optimization

    After achieving the first quick results we will get started with the formulation of improvements that lead to structural optimization. Hereby we strive to keep the amount of different packaging types as low as possible.

    5. Implementation

    The new processes and work methods are carefully implemented in this step. Now we will make sure that all necessary improvement points find their way into your organisation.

    6. Permanently secure knowledge

    Secure knowledge
    Finally, the knowledge and information is permanently stored in your organisation in a way that is clear and understandable to everyone. This process is, where necessary, supported by various software applications that have been developed in-house by FPC.

Software and tools that make the difference

Also when it concerns packaging the right software & tools make the difference. FPC connects to the most modern technologies and develops packaging software and tools to be at your service even more:

  • StackAssist logo
    StackAssist pallet stack

    StackAssist is a webbased stacking software tool. It can be used to create a stacking plan that shows how to arrange your products into or onto a box, pallet, container etc.

    All this using volume optimization to get the most efficient stacking of your items. Therefore the software even takes weight balance into account, puts fragile products on top or considers the limitations for stacking positions.

    Thanks to the visual instructions, you can stack variable shapes without any extra explanation. It also aims for the lowest transport cost, based on company specific transport rates.

    For more information check www.stackassist.com >

  • PackStatus does not only offer track & trace technology but also extensive monitoring of the environment and conditions where the shipment is located, including temperature, vibration, falling, light, humidity and many more.

    Products, shipments, vehicles and appliances are made intelligent and linked to your PackStatus dashboard. With state-of-the-art technology PackStatus makes your packaging interactive so you keep continuous control on everything that happens to your products.

    For more information check www.packstatus.com >

  • Faes pack assist final logo 2012

    PackAssist is an intelligent application that ensures it is always and everywhere known how your products need to be packed. This enables you to secure and communicate your packaging policy worldwide.

    In the end this will reduce damages and errors, lower transport costs and create a uniform and professional image towards your customers.

    Visual instructions make sure that everyone quickly understands how the packing should be done, independent of the language they speak.

    All additions and changes are stored centrally. Working with old versions is prevented and changes in 1 place are immediately active worldwide.

    For more information check www.packassist.com >

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