Our StackAssist tool has recently been expanded. StackAssist is an application of FPC Beyond Packaging which offers support in efficient planning and executing order picking, stacking and loading. StackAssist takes transport demands, in its broadest sense, into account. The system offers clear and reliable instructions to the work force, which means that corrections and manual adjustments belong to the past. FPC is widely regarded as a packaging specialist and continuously works on process improvements.  Project manager Bart van Dijck is happy to explain this new module into detail.

How to optimally load a pallet with the translation module

With the translation module, StackAssist guarantees the optimal use of the load capacity of a pallet. The translation module is able to translate order quantities to full pallets with full layers of a product. An incoming pallet, fully stacked with one product, usually has a standard measurement of 1.50m. But when a pallet is reloaded onto a so-called mixed pallet which can be stacked to a height of 2.20m before dispatch. An experienced picker may be willing to accept this challenge if the pallet consists of full layers containing just one product as this means smooth and even surfaces that allow for further stable stacking. It becomes more complicated when the layers are not completely filled as this jeopardises the stability of the rest of the stack. This process needs to be unequivocally and optimally carried out in any circumstances. Even in busy times when a company is in need of extra flex workers. StackAssist ensures a stable and optimal stacking of products on a pallet.

How to limit time solving the stacking puzzle

StackAssist’s new module will optimally fit in any SKU. This shortens the time needed to solve the stacking puzzle and it guarantees a universal working procedure. The translation module does not only place products in a logical sequence, but it will also automatically fill up layers before moving on to the loose SKUs. This information is usually not available to order pickers.

Customer specific

The module is designed to allow any company to fill in its own data. Think of product type or the quantity of products that can be loaded onto a pallet. These data differ from one company to another. The translation module allows a customer to completely custom design the module. We are happy to assist during this process. We could, for example, offer a training in which the customer learns to independently maintain the tool himself.
In short, the new module guarantees:

  • Flexible work with full pallets
  • Automatic recognition
  • A stable stack on a full pallet which takes the SKUs fully into account

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