6 loading plans and stacking orders you never thought of yourself

“Palletizing software calculates where a product or box is placed on a pallet in the most optimal way. It helps warehouse staff to stack efficiently.” When we talk about this most people think of square boxes, that fit on top of each other nicely.

“Out of the box” stacking

But you can also look beyond stacking in a box or on a pallet.

Bart van Dijck, project manager at FPC, thinks that every company can take advantage of the use of palletizing software, also in situations where stacking is not that obvious. He gives 6 examples where you probably have never thought of yourself:

1. Non stackable products

  • Rolling cart flowersNon stackable product, e.g. flowers on CC rolling carts.
  • Palletizing software flowersAdvantage: you directly know the height of the next shelf of the CC cart.

2. Boxes with open top

  • Boxes with open topBoxes with open top, e.g. vegetables and fruit.
  • StackAssist pallet plan fruitAdvantage: you know which boxes can and cannot be stacked on top of each other.

3. Atypical shapes

  • Steel pipesAtypical shapes, e.g. cilindrical steel pipes.
  • Palletizing software pipesAdvantage: you optimally make use of the space by nesting the cilinders.

4. Fragile products

  • Pallet glass bottlesProducts with high fragility: what is the maximum weight on the bottom layer? E.g. glass bottles or light bulbs?
  • Palletizing software glass bottlesAdvantage: you no longer stack too much weight on another product.

5. Palletizing this side up

  • This side up LCD TVBoxes ‘This side up’, e.g. LCD TVs.
  • Palletizing software this side upAdvantage: you take into account the product restrictions while palletizing.

6. Stacking according to size

  • Window framesStacking according to size, e.g. jacking window frames.
  • Palletizing window framesAdvantage: you know the right order according to the weight distribution.

We challenge you! Which alternative stacking option did we miss?

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Bart van DijckBart van Dijck
Project Manager FPC




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