Every time you prepare your goods for transport, uncertainties can occur. After all, you never know exactly where and in which state your products are. To prevent these uncertainties you want to be informed on their location and condition. Manually keeping track of their location (e.g. a driver gives his location on your request) is practically impossible.

Thanks to the internet of things everything is connected to everything. Not only people are online, but also products, shipments, vehicles and devices are made intelligent. Today GPS-tracking does not only include registration of the beginning- and end point, but the complete route.

In this first article of three we will zoom in on tracking the location of shipments. In the next articles we will emphasize on condition: monitoring the circumstances in which your product is damaged during transport, and on RFID: an automatic way of identification that offers interesting opportunities to logistical service providers for creating added value.

PackStatus®: follow your shipments real-time and worldwide

The PackStatus system enables you to follow your transport real-time and to know exactly where your products are. The ‘Estimated Time of Arrival’ (ETA) is converted to ‘Actual Time of Arrival’ (ATA) by the addition of real-time information.

packstatus dashboard

PackStatus gives you the opportunity to see the current location and the covered route of your shipment on a detailed road map. This log gives you valuable input for the evaluation and optimization of your logistical operation.

PackStatus has a full array of functions where live tracking, zone warnings via geofencing and route tracing are only the starting point!


In general Geofencing means that you flag certain areas as go or no-go. When an “object” enters or leaves this area an alert will follow. This can be an alarm, e-mail or text message.

This application is used by car rental companies for example. Because a car is probably stolen when the vehicle leaves a certain area. The company can take immediate action after it has been alerted.

Also in logistics geofencing is very useful. With PackStatus you can easily set geographical limits. A virtual line is drawn between the defined points. As soon as a shipment crosses this virtual fence, PackStatus reports this automatically.

PackStatus geofenceScreenshot Geofence in de PackStatus portal

Know more than your carrier can tell you

PackStatus is a smart combination of devices, a data subscription and a web portal. The system works autonomously and therefore it does not matter with which carrier your products are transported.

The devices have proven to send reliably from trailers and loading spaces of vehicles. Users of PackStatus often know more about the location of their shipment than their carrier!


What if PackStatus goes one step further?
What if you add sensors that measure bumps, temperature, humidity, etc.?
What if you receive an alert when a certain threshold value is exceeded?

In our next article we will zoom in on the advantages of measuring the condition of your shipments during transport.

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