Are you curious about the unique applications we developed over the past few years? From applications for efficient packaging and stacking to those that can organise the optimal loading of products? Online Retailer recently wrote a very interesting article about this topic. They spoke to Bart van Dijck (FPC’s project manager) about the ins and outs of our unique applications. 

Online Retailer is the online information source for internet entrepeneurs. It is every retailer’s goal, to make sure that their products reach their intended destination in perfect condition. This not only requires a good functioning chain, but a functional packaging as well. In this article, Online Retailer underlines FPC beyond packaging as a partner for efficient packaging for retailers.

The article discusses the feelings of exasperation, which eventually lead to the development of our tools, and the StackAssist tool itself into detail. The StackAssist application supports the efficient planning and execution of order picking, stacking and loading. It is an addition to WMS and it offers predictability.


Would you like to read the entire article? Please click here. 

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