08 Apr

Faes as chain director of logistics ecosystem at Brainport Industries Campus »

Outsourcing supply chain management to one central party, who ensures that logistics processes within and between companies run more smoothly and efficiently; also known

06 Feb

RFID: the future of smart packaging? »

OEM companies in the high-tech industry place high demands on their suppliers regarding the quality of packaging, to make sure their fragile and valuable components are delivered in perfect

21 Dec

Fourth Party Packaging can save a lot of money, but how? »

In most production companies, the packaging process is a blind spot. Managers have no idea how much it costs and what the impact is on customer satisfaction and the CO2 footprint.

21 Dec

Logistieke dienstverlening toe aan nieuw verdienmodel

Logistic services add to new revenue model »

The traditional business model of logistics service providers is in need of change.

01 Jul

Corona crisis speeds up decentralisation »

These are the focal points within the decentral fulfilment
Many retailers have seen their store merchandise turnover plummet over the past few months.

26 Feb

A new packaging solution for KMWE »

FPC works as a packaging manager at the Brainport Industries Campus. One of our clients, KMWE, has recently relocated to the campus.

08 Aug

Decentralisatie in e-fulfilment onder de loep - Intertoys

A closer look at decentralisation in e-fulfilling »

As a packaging expert, I am closely monitoring the developments in the disruptive e-fulfilling.

06 May

50% increase in effectiveness at FittinQ »

FittinQ has been working with StackAssist for a few months; specifically, to optimize their pick-and-pack method. The integration of StackAssist has been successfully completed.

30 Apr

Competitive transport rates thanks to StackAssist »

Promic, supplier of display products and presentation materials, presents itself as ‘not just any order picker’. For them, StackAssist was the ideal software tool.

03 Dec

Solving the loading puzzle with StackAssist’s latest module »

Our StackAssist tool has recently been expanded.

26 Nov

With FPC, Brainport Industries Campus chooses for optimal packaging »

FPC is going to take on the job of packaging manager and will be optimising all packaging flows at the innovative Brainport Industries Campus.

19 Nov

Online Retailer thoroughly examines StackAssist tool »

Are you curious about the unique applications we developed over the past few years? From applications for efficient packaging and stacking to those that can organise the optimal loading of p

28 Mar

PackAssist receives prize at packaging awards »

We were present at the NL Packaging Awards. Our software application PackAssist was nominated in the category innovation and technology.

06 Nov

Predict the number of pallet spaces in complex situations »

Bart van Dijck, project manager at FPC, didn’t have to think twice about what he thinks is the most important added value of the new StackAssist Multi Stage module:
“It makes sure that

19 May

Smart Customization: StackAssist® always fits your logistical process »

Tools for loading optimization are often designed for standard situations.

01 Apr

Automatically take customer demands into account while loading »

Bart van Dijck, project manager at FPC, is very happy with the StackAssist Exception Module.

12 Jan

3 situations where loading sequence can make the difference »

It is a question that is easily overlooked by warehouse staff and managers: how do I determine the optimal loading sequence for transport? The difference it can make later on in the process

03 Jan

“Volume reduction remains most important trend for 2017” »

Also this year we asked CEO Johan Faes to have a look in his crystal ball. He came to the conclusion that volume reduction will stay a very important topic in 2017.

22 Dec

RFID: automatic identification with opportunities for logistics »

In this last article from 3 about PackStatus we will emphasize RFID.

28 Oct

PackStatus®: act proactively when things are about to go wrong »

Every time you prepare your goods for transport, uncertainties can occur. After all, you never know exactly where and in which state your products are.

25 Oct

Empowerment of the working floor put to practice »

Giving employees on the working floor tasks and responsibilities that were only done by mangers in the past.

20 Oct

StackAssist® helps with Pick to box »

In most companies order picking is one of the most labor intensive processes in the warehouse. On top of that it is also a crucial process: every mistake gets directly to the customer.

21 Sep

Palletizing software goes beyond boxes »

6 loading plans and stacking orders you never thought of yourself
“Palletizing software calculates where a product or box is placed on a pallet in the most optimal way.

10 Sep

PackStatus®: minimize uncertainty during transport thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) technology »

Every time you prepare your goods for transport, uncertainties can occur. After all, you never know exactly where and in which state your products are.

26 Aug

Why loading optimization is more than smart stacking »

It is crystal clear, optimized loading of products saves money.

15 Jun

Augmented Reality (AR) in the packaging world: a look at the future »

Altough Augmented Reality sounds like a term from the future, it is not a new term. More and more companies make use of this revolutionary, digital technology.

29 Apr

Lean principles - packaging

Lean and packing: 5 eye openers »

Nowadays a lot of companies completely embrace the Lean management philosophy.

28 Apr

Big data supply chains

FPC en CQM combine forces for Big Data analysis in supply chains »

FPC beyond packaging and CQM work together in the area of Big Data analysis in supply chains. By cooperating, synergy is achieved when solving supply chain questions at customers.

12 Apr

The underestimated advantages of load planning software »

When people speak about load planning software tools, the perception often is that the most important goal is to load in the most optimal way, to minimize transport costs.

23 Feb

Food for thought – Impact of packing »

FPC beyond packaging advises on packing from a broad perspective, across the total supply chain.

20 Feb

Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging: Real-time info on the status and location of your products »

What is exactly meant when we talk about Smart Packaging? Smart Packaging is the concept of using an intelligent packaging that communicates on its own and proactively about the packaging an

16 Feb

AtlasCopco Scope Packassist

“Packaging Alignment Worldwide” at Atlas Copco »

Atlas Copco is worldwide market leader in the area of industrial productivity solutions.

19 Jan

What happens to an OEM without an integral packaging policy »

Recently I came into contact with the owner of a machine factory that delivers indirectly (as a 2nd tier supplier) to a large airplane manufacturer.

12 Jan

amazon warehouse

Coping with the logistical tangle of Amazon »

Amazon.com is the largest online retailer in the world and had 18 distribution centers in Europe at the end of 2015.

20 Dec

doos op maat machine

“Box on demand”-machine versus stacking tools »

source image: www.logistiektotaal.nl
A “box on demand”-machine scans the measurements of every order and cuts a box to the smallest possible size.

24 Nov

value drain

Why packaging is often an invisible value drain »

In many industrial and medical markets we see that not the price, but the service level (SLA) and Total Cost of Ownership are becoming a much more important part of the total deal.

20 Nov

Printmodule PackAssist

End-to-End branding thanks to print module PackAssist »

When you are a high-end or retail brand, you know that branding is essential. A consistent image can only be built by doing the same thing in the same way over and over again.

22 Oct

verpakking service parts

Top 8 problems regarding packing industrial service parts »

On a daily basis FPC comes into contact with companies that have challenges in the area of service logistics. Remarkably often comparable issues occur at these companies.

19 Oct

voorspellen transportkosten

Our customers tell: “predictability is key in saving on transport costs” »

Logistical managers and engineers often hear that they have to reduce transport costs.
This is easier said than done.

10 Oct

SKB StackAssist

Case study: 37% saving on transport costs »

SKB Europe distributes American plastic and aluminium cases all over Europe and is based in the Netherlands. They send numerous shipments on a daily base.

27 Aug

Do what you do best and outsource the rest

Fourth Party Packaging? »

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Lots of companies are used to working with so called 4PL (fourth party logistics).

25 Aug

Volumereductie verpakking

Philips Healthcare saves millions on transport costs by applying volume reduction »

1.5 years ago FPC started with the worlwide deployment of the webbased application PackAssist within the logistics and returns/repair supply chain at Philips Healthcare.

01 Jul

Model DOA Costs research

Successful seminar at FPC: “DOA costs even higher than originally thought” »

On Tuesday June 16 FPC hosted a presentation of the latest DOA research executed by the University of Groningen.

12 Jun

Eric Ermstrang Philips FPC

VLM breakfast session at Philips Healthcare: “Defect on arrival – every company’s nightmare” »

On Thursday June 11 members of the Logistics Management Association paid a visit to Philips Healthcare in Best (the Netherlands). From 7.

02 Jun

Supply Chain Mapping

Supply chain mapping helps saving packaging cost »

When you look at your supply chain with a packaging view, what catches your eye? Do you recognize the number of re-pack moments, the amount of air that is being transported, the unclear la

01 Jun

Nobleo logo

Nobleo improves efficiency of consolidation »

Our customers tell…
This time: Anton Hendriks, Process Improvement Consultant at Nobleo Manufacturing
Efficiency of consolidation
The efficiency of the unpacking process at a h

31 May

Stackassist logo

Box stacking and pallet loading – How can I professionalize? »

Bad stacking of boxes and pallets can lead to disastrous effects
It seems so basic and easy: efficiently and properly stacking boxes with products, on a pallet or in a container.

24 Mar

Supply chain efficiency at Philips Healthcare

FPC connects UPS and improves supply chain efficiency at Philips Healthcare »

Mid-2014 FPC optimized and secured the supply chain regarding packaging at Philips Healthcare with the implementation of PackAssist.

19 Dec

FPC introduces DOA calculator »

FPC has developed a tool to quickly make an estimate of the effect of a DOA reduction on an organization: the DOA Calculator.

07 Nov

FPC presents at ‘Grenzeloze Logistiek’ summit 2014 »

18 November 2014 the ‘Grenzeloze Logistiek’ (borderless logistics) summit 2014 takes place.

01 Oct

Thematic session “E3 Packaging” at Flemish institute of logistics (VIL) »

One of the partners within the project “Grenzeloze Logistiek” (borderless logistics) is the Flemish institute of logistics (VIL).

11 Sep

Dinalog thematic session: ‘A well organized packaging process’ »

On the 23rd of September 2014 the event “A well organized packaging process” will take place at Dinalog in Breda.

11 Jun

Faes Group Contributes To the High Tech Discovery Route »

From the 18th to 24th May, 2014 Dutch Technology Week in Brainport, Eindhoven Region
Take a look behind the scenes of one of the High Tech companies in the Kempen? That is possible on Saturd

11 Jun

FPC Implements Packaging Tool Packassist at Philips Healthcare »

FPC has implemented the Packaging Tool PackAssist® at Philips Healthcare and is currently in the middle of the testing phase.

17 Apr

Visit the FPC seminar at Dinalog, free »

On 24 May a breakfast seminar will be held at Dinalog, in Breda. The subject is “25% more profit through packaging improvements”.

11 Apr


FPC publishes research: “25% more profit from focusing on DOAs” »

FPC has researched the costs involved in Dead on Arrival items, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Walther Ploos van Amstel.

13 Mar

PackAssist 1.0 live »

Version 1.0 of PackAssist was recently launched. This version of PackAssist offers the means to select the correct packaging solution for every product.

27 Feb

PackAssist interface with Ship it Smarter »

Both PackAssist and Ship it Smarter are generating a lot of interest at the moment.