After a successful trial period, the German Imcopex (near Hamburg) has recently implemented StackAssist for sending mixed pallets and parcels. Imcopex is an international distributor of printer supplies such as printer hardware, toners and ink cartridges. The company is mainly active in Germany and Denmark. Because of StackAssist, Imcopex has taken major steps in terms of user friendliness and predictability. Project manager Bart van Dijck explains how Imcopex uses StackAssist to meet the demands of large companies.

Increase in efficiency
“Soon after Imcopex started the demo version, it became obvious that StackAssist would be able to achieve a better conjunction between the system and the workplace. Visualization in particular, played an important role in this. StackAssist shows how products are stacked step by step; from calculation to the actual building in the shipping area.

Not only it is much easier to work more effectively, but the transportation is also faster and more efficient. That is how StackAssist makes it much easier for Imcopex to implement requirements from large customers.”

Accuracy through predictive power
“The predictive algorithms of StackAssist are able to estimate the number of pallets and how much space a delivery will take up, before products are received. This way, the order can be submitted directly to a consignor.

Large parties often set specific requirements for their deliveries:

  • only on euro pallets,
  • stacked no higher than a certain height,
  • or sorted by product group.

Incorrect deliveries are often returned overnight without questions asked. StackAssist helps to prevent those unnecessary returns. It therefore provides a gain in time and in accuracy. StackAssist works with the actual sizes of products, not the total volume. Visualizations provide a direct link between prediction and the workplace. ”

Further development
“Imcopex has only just started with StackAssist, but we are already working on further developing the implementation. With Transmart (TMS) we work on links that allow an even more targeted arrangement of order picking, collection, packing and stacking. It also states a correct quote for transportation services for your customer. And that is the most important gain for Imcopex: the price is the decisive factor in e-commerce.”

Would you like more information about this project? Please contact Bart van Dijck from Faes Packaging Projects.

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