FPC has developed a tool to quickly make an estimate of the effect of a DOA reduction on an organization: the DOA Calculator.

The subject DOA (defect on arrival) is a subject that has been an important focus for FPC for years already. From research we know that a reduction in DOAs can lead to 25% more net profit.

By filling in 6 key variables the DOA calculator displays the current cost per DOA and the current total DOA cost per year for an organization. All of this based on the model from the research.

By operating the pushbar an estimate can be made of the saving that will be realized by reducing the number of DOAs.

Fill in the data of your organization below and make your calculation:

Click here for more explanation and background information regarding the DOA calculator.


Did you fill out the DOA Calculator and do you have any questions, or are you curious what we can do for your organization? Contact us for a non-binding introduction.

Unique in the method to reduce DOAs by FPC is that the focus is not on improving the packaging itself, but on improving the processes around packaging. This is not only efficient but also cost saving in the long term.


A nice example is Philips Healthcare, where FPC realized a considerable DOA reduction. The Philips case and an interview with Eric Ermstrang (Director Global Transportation & Packaging), can be found here.