FPC has implemented the Packaging Tool PackAssist® at Philips Healthcare and is currently in the middle of the testing phase. This project is being supported by the project “Grenzeloze Logistiek” (Borderless Logistics) in which PackAssist guarantees the control tower for packaging policy throughout the entire supply chain. This tool is ideal for suppliers (global supply chain!!) to be able to pack your products well in a simple visualised way. PackAssist achieves this through a very user-friendly and simple interface which works in a particularly easy way. Through animations and photos the operator knows not only what packaging material and protective equipment to use, but just as importantly, also HOW he should pack (process) the product well.

We no longer have three different packages that three different people have packed simultaneously, but 500 people who all pack in the same way so as a company you are guaranteed a good safe, secure arrival of your product with a professional appearance.

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