In most production companies, the packaging process is a blind spot. Managers have no idea how much it costs and what the impact is on customer satisfaction and the CO2 footprint. All attention is focused on the design and production of top level machinery and equipment, while often not even someone within the company is responsible for packaging.

Wrong packaging

Due to inadequate management of packaging tasks, employees choose the wrong packaging for a product or spare part. No one is aware of the fact that they cause extremely expensive defects on arrival and dissatisfied customers further down the chain. But not only that: wrong packaging also leads to high repackaging costs, waste of packaging material and the displacement of a lot of air.

Circularity as a duty

Smarter organisation of packaging processes not only saves a lot of money, it is also a social duty. Companies have absolutely no idea how much of their packaging material ends up in the environment and disappears into the oceans like plastic soup! People no longer accept that. Making packaging circular is a legitimate demand that sooner or later every company will have to meet.

Outsourcing to a specialist

Does packaging have so little priority in your company, but do you want to exploit the potential for improvement? Then consider outsourcing your packaging management to a specialist who does have the expertise and focus. We call this Fourth Party Packaging or 4PP for short. As a chain director, a 4PP provider can optimise your entire packaging supply chain and help you become fully circular.

Learn more about 4PPĀ 

Would you like to know exactly how Fourth Party Packaging works and what benefits it brings to your business? Then read our white paper on the main causes of margin loss due to defective packaging (Only available in Dutch) and find out how you can achieve better and sustainable supply chain performance with significantly lower costs.

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