FPC beyond packaging advises on packing from a broad perspective, across the total supply chain. A set of quotes that we always keep in mind:

  • starting point for improvement is to recognize the need
    In many industrial environments the “packing” theme is not that high on the list of priorities. This while by making clear agreements and procedures involving all stakeholders in the supply chain major cost savings can be achieved.
  • packaging is a shared responsibility
    The efficiency of packaging can only be evaluated by looking at all actions, processes and information flows around that packaging. This expertise can also be outsourced of course. In practice the extra effort and costs will be earned back very fast.
  • cost of damages and loss of quality ar exceds the the total amount spent on packaging
    Research regarding DOAs (Defect on Arrival) in service logistics points out that 30% of damages have their origin in the packaging.
  • the most dangerous waste is the waste you do not recognize
    Freight costs are based on weight and volume. During packaging development this is not always taken into account. Consequence is that a lot of air is being transported. This wile transport costs can be up to 6 times as high as the packaging costs.
  • If you can not measure it you cannot improve it
    With new techniques, like intelligent webbased applications, it is possible to continuously monitor packaging activities, map optimalisation opportunities and roll out improvements.

FPC – beyond packaging is a group of passionate packaging consultants and specialists with a vision. At FPC you can go for a complete supply chain packaging analysis and advice. Contact us for a non-binding introduction.

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