Outsourcing supply chain management to one central party, who ensures that logistics processes within and between companies run more smoothly and efficiently; also known as ‘4PL’ (4th Party Logistics). This is the future of logistics and the role that we as Faes Packaging Concepts are going to fulfill at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven. We are expected to take over this task from the current logistics service provider Rubix on 1 April.

Brainport Industries Campus: high-tech hotspot

Brainport Industries Campus considers itself not just a business center, but also a high-tech hotspot for technology companies, developers, training institutes and an incubator for innovative start-ups. This combination creates synergy in many areas. One of the opportunities that results from this is upscaling; through purchasing combinations, knowledge sharing and joint use of (valuable) space and resources. BIC initiated the innovation program ‘Factory of the Future’, which included the field lab Advanced Manufacturing Logistics (AML), to which Faes Packaging Concepts connected through the existing cooperation we with our client KMWE, an important supplier to ASML and also located on the campus. 

A state-of-the-art AML system

One of BIC’s goals was to realize a state-of-the-art AML system on campus, where the logistic flows would be optimally supported. This would benefit the high-tech manufacturing companies on campus, but at the same time it would demand transparency and openness in purchase rates, sources, expertise, orders and other internal information. It requires a different mindset and a considerable amount of mutual trust among cooperating companies on campus, in order to establish an optimally functioning ecosystem. It is therefore important that all partners involved understand the essence and believe in the concept. Initially Faes was only supposed to take care of 4PP (4th Party Packaging), but after the withdrawal of logistics service provider Rubix, it was decided that we would take care of the entire 4th Party Logistics for Brainport Industries Campus. 

Read more about 4PP (NL)

“We’ve always stated that we wanted to expand beyond packaging and consulting. We want to unburden customers with everything that involves packaging, if necessary we broaden our focus. At Brainport Industries Campus we have been able to make that a reality.” 

Johan Faes | CEO of Faes  

Faes as service provider at Brainport Industries Campus 

In the past few months we’ve worked hard to get everything ready and put it on paper; including important agreements, the definition of our tasks and the layout of the space from which we manage the logistics processes. Our ‘zone’, for example, will be separated from the currently open logistics area – which is 300 metres long and 30 metres wide – by placing or replacing walls; a major operation. From this separated, central logistics zone (inbound and outbound) we supply the companies that are using our services. This is also where offices and various staff facilities will be set up. 3 Faes employees will make use of this, managing 6 KMWE employees and a flexpool of about 20 flexworkers.

“Lef en geloof in ‘de logistiek van morgen’ zijn essentieel voor de transitie naar “Courage and belief in ‘logistics of tomorrow’ are essential for the transition to a new, future-proof vision of logistics. We must be bold enough to have a long-term vision.” 

Johan Faes | CEO of Faes  

What are the benefits of this ecosystem for high-tech manufacturing companies? 

Packaging and logistics are not part of your core business and outsourcing is expensive, due to the complexity and variety of your products. Despite – or perhaps because of – the product diversity we are able to create unity in our logistics services, that offers great value for all companies that are part of the ecosystem. More advantages of this logistics ecosystem? 

  • One central point of contact for all matters concerning your logistics processes.  
  • We are also an authority in the field of (sustainable) packaging and packaging management. When we say total service, we mean it. We stand next to you, every step along the way. 
  • Reduced damage risk and improvement of your delivery performance. 
  • Synergy with similar minded companies at Brainport Industries Campus allows you to share knowledge, resources, space and manpower, achieve purchasing advantages and reduce (transport) costs. 
  • We provide you with logistics in line with your business processes, using innovative technology. 
  • Reduce needless logistic movements, transport less air, use sustainable packaging materials. And therefore: achieving sustainability goals together, such as reducing CO2 emissions and waste. 

Interested in getting to know more about our services at Brainport Industries Campus? Or would you like to know how we can help you? Feel free to contact us! 

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