SKB StackAssist

SKB Europe distributes American plastic and aluminium cases all over Europe and is based in the Netherlands. They send numerous shipments on a daily base. For this they make use of a large number of transport companies which each have their own transport tariffs and demands. Moreover larger customers like Bax-shop and Amazon also have their own logistical demands.

Taking into account these various demands and wishes, SKB strives for an optimal load space utilization to minimize logistical costs. That is why they switched to StackAssist®, a SaaS solution to develop efficient load plans. Thanks to StackAssist® SKB sends all their shipments in the most efficient and cheap way.

How did SKB Europe minimize the logistical costs? This case study is about packing and transporting 6 different products, including a pedalboard and guitar cases, with a total of 21 pieces.

1. Transport costs without StackAssist®

Warehouse employees bundled the products to 4 packs of different size using their own best judgment, compliant with the demands of the transport company. The transport company of choice has specific demands like maximum size and maximum volume/weight per colli. The total logistical costs of the this manual loading are 77,59 €.

2. Transport costs with load optimization using StackAssist®

Thanks to the stacking advices of StackAssist® SKB Europe came to a better loading of boxes and pallets. StackAssist® takes transport demands into account when determining the optimal loading. Examples in this case are maximum size, maximum volume/weight per colli, transport costs and limits on the use of certain (more expensive) packaging. Moreover the accuracy of the loading was improved by adapting the calculation time and the number of iterations. When you quickly want to estimate a price you could lower the accuracy (and calculation time), when you want to load effectively you could increase accuracy.

The outcome was astonishing. There was only one type of packaging needed that was compliant with the transport companies limits regarding size and weight. The transport costs were reduced to 49,08 €. A difference of 28,51 € compared to manual packing.

SKB saves 37% on 1 order!

SKB shipped that one order 36,7% cheaper, solely by making use of StackAssist®. This is one of the examples that made SKB decide to use StackAssist® for all outgoing shipments. An enormous cost saving thanks to a simple solution.

Do you also want to stack more efficiently using StackAssist?