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In a nutshell

We can help you with the analysis and improvement of the packaging process in your supply chain. Next to that we offer software solutions in the areas of packing, loading and shipping.

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate specialists with a vision. Ultimately, we aim for ensuring that your product arrives in perfect condition at the destination. This requires not only functional packaging, but also a matching supply chain. That is why we address every problem by looking at the entire packaging and logistics process with a “helicopter-view”.

On this basis we implement process improvements, combined with the matching software and tools.

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How did we emerge?

The concept “packaging” is a very broad concept, just like the number of complex issues around it. Sister company Faes Cases, the manufacturing arm of Faes Group, was regularly confronted with these packaging challenges like vibrating and falling. But also issues like air humidity, temperature and radiation are challenges that companies face.

This has contributed to the emergence of FPC as a development partner with specialists that look for “out of the box” solutions. On that basis FPC evolved into a complete and independent advice partner for companies in any industry.

Member of Brainport Industries

Faes Group is a member of Brainport Industries. Brainport Industries is a cooperation of 1st, 2nd or 3rd tier high tech suppliers that originated under the flag of Brainport region Eindhoven.

“Faes Group as a high tech supplier is a member of Brainport Industries, to continuously improve the innovative potential and professionality of the chain, but certainly also of Faes Group itself.”

Member brainport industriesSuppliers in the high tech industry are increasingly expected to not only do the fabrication of parts, but also the development and engineering. For many suppliers it is hard to do this all by themselves because of limited scale and financial means. Within Brainport Industries projects in the areas of technology, markets and people are executed together so they can do this.


ISO 9001

Faes Group has got a certified quality managementsystem. View the ISO 9001 certificate.