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Packaging issues

In a nutshell

We can help you with the analysis and improvement of the packaging process in your supply chain. Next to that we offer software solutions in the areas of packing, loading and shipping.

  • Packaging vs. Packing

    A grasp from the problems we see occurring on a daily basis are transport damages, sending a lot of unnecessary air, use of excess buffer and filling materials, etc.

    In many cases the first reaction is the creation of new packaging. However, the cause of the problem is often procedural.

    “The problem is not the packaging but the packing

    The FPC consultants know this playing field like no other. They are able to translate these complex problems into solutions that are simple and that can be directly implemented on the working floor.

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  • DOAs

    DOAs (defect on arrival) are an important focus for FPC. When transport damages occur, companies often look at improving and/or strengthening their packaging.

    We know that by analyzing and improving the packaging process already a lot can be prevented.


    What is a DOA?