FPC works as a packaging manager at the Brainport Industries Campus. One of our clients, KMWE, has recently relocated to the campus. FPC will be the packaging manager for all packaging chains at their new location. Bart van Dijck, the project manager for this project, is happy to tell you more about this new partnership.

The partnership with KMWE

KMWE consists of five different companies, including three large ones. They are located in the Netherlands but have a branch in Malaysia as well. They were in need of a new location and a new up-to-date strategy as they had completely outgrown their old site.

New location at Brainport Industries Campus

The square metres at Brainport Industries Campies are relatively expensive, so an outstanding packaging management is of the utmost importance, especially for a supplier of large goods. KMWE develops parts which require large, high volume packagings that generally contain lots of air. One could think of parts intended for the aviation industry for instance. FPC developed an optimal plan requiring less square metres for the storage of supplies. The newly created overview allows KMWE to be more in control and brings consistency to the organization.

A better overview with RFID

The moment the plan was executed, FPC took control of KMWE’s supplies in its warehouses. Through the ERP-system, we automatically receive orders and start the dispatch process. This guarantees that our customers receive their orders ‘just in time’. A clear overview is key and this is maintained by the RFID chips in the labels which are attached to the packagings. The RFID chips provide insight in the supply and ensure that not everything needs to be scanned manually.

FPC’s role at the Brainport Industry Campus

FPC takes care of the entire internal logistic aspect at the Brainport Industry Campus. We arrange everything that involves packagings as well as the packaging management. We provide the cargo carriers which drive around the campus as well as the rotation boxes in which all packagings are indexed. This is done by means of a track and trace principle. The system displays what is inside a packaging. In addition to the aforementioned services, FPC offers a wide range of individual services such as the partnership with KMWE.

Would you like to learn more about this project? Please contact Bart van Dijck.

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