FittinQ has been working with StackAssist for a few months; specifically, to optimize their pick-and-pack method. The integration of StackAssist has been successfully completed. FittinQ is one of the largest online lighting retailers who ship and deliver directly to the customer (B2C). Because of StackAssist, they have been able to eliminate a stage within this process and the next stage is already being developed.

Pick and pack quickly outdated
“When FittinQ settled in Hapert, they started with a standard pick-and-pack method but an upgrade was required early on. Pick-in-the-box was the next step: orders are immediately put in the final shipping box so the order picker needs to know the size of the shipping box. In combination with their Warehouse Management System (WMS) that automatically collects product data, the stacking algorithm can virtually stack products in different scenarios. StackAssist chooses the most efficient scenario, based on the box series or pallet series available.”

1 packer on 4 order pickers
“Previously, product packaging was the bottleneck in this process. Two packers were needed for each order picker. Now, the roles have been reversed; four pickers are currently working for every packer. Because of the pick-in-the-box method, products are packaged directly into the correct shipping box. In e-commerce, where you typically have low numbers per order, a lot of progress can be made this way. The integration of StackAssist has therefore ensured that the entire process is approximately 50% more efficient. ”

Saving on transportation rates as well
FittinQ is now able to ship in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way. The shipments contain less air and are logically arranged by StackAssist. Optimization does not stop here; logistically, a huge cost reduction is achieved as less transport is required.

The next stage is to instantly register packages for transport via the TMS so transport labels can be printed directly. For FittinQ, the switch to StackAssist was easy and has led to many tangible results in a short time. ” You may be interested to read the interview with director Bas Lemmers.

Would you like more information about this project? ">Please contact Bart van Dijck from Faes Packaging Projects.

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